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Hello! My name is Chase.

Mobile devices and computers alike are evolving by the day, which can be difficult to keep up with.  And that's where I come in! For the passed decade I have been providing help with technology to people of all ages.

My Story

My Grand-Father Brock Robinson was a public school teacher turned principal back in his "prime".  I would like to believe this is where my patience for teaching and listening hail from. He has taught me a thing or two growing up and is a great inspiration for me to pursue my love of teaching and helping the community. 

I currently work Full Time at a Electronics Repair Shop in Sudbury called Repairtech Rx.  My coworker Junayd and I have been growing this business since April 2016.  Our bread and butter is fixing physically broken screens on mobile devices such as iPhones, Samsung Galaxy's, iPads, Motorola's, Google Pixels and the list goes on and on.

If the device is worth fixing, we'll fix it. Junayd is also one of the leading Microsoldering Technicians in Sudbury, if not the best. Basically a brain surgeon for cell phones and computers.

Della Rose Robinson.  My first child! She's a few months shy of being a whopping year old human. My girlfriend Tessa and I have our hands full with this little one but she is definitely a very happy and healthy baby. 



I'm always looking for folks to help with their technological doodads and thingamajigs.  Give me a shout!


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